Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Save Battery On Your Samartphone

Directions for saving battery

These short tips will help you extend the life of your battery and keep it running longer than you expect.

Never Charge Longer Than Necessary

In this case the heat produced by the overcharging process may reduce the battery's ability to retain power. You should watch the battery indicator icon on your phone screen to know exactly when your battery is charged, and it's better if you can charge your phone when it's turned off, because this way it will charge faster

Let the battery runs out.

Let your battery terminate almost all the power before recharging. Don't over drain your battery, do it at least each 10-15 days or you may damage it.

Don't let your battery 'Die'

When you drain all the power, your battery keeps a minimum reserve. This is for keeping it 'alive' while you decide to recharge it. If you hold your phone running when this power reserve is reached, you will surely 'kill' your battery. The power reserve your battery keeps will not last forever, so never leave it uncharged for long periods of time.

No Vibration

Only turn Vibration on when you are inside a church or a hospital or any other place where silence is required. Or if you are in a concert or a stadium and it's too noisy to hear your phone ringtone.
When your phone vibrates it really feeds power to a pair of servo motors that eat a lot of battery.

Airplane Mode

If you reach an area without network service and your phone shows a 'NO SIGNAL' message, you can activate a function called Airplane Mode if you need to have your phone switched on. This function disables the radio on your device, so it will stop searching for signal. If you don't need your device switched on, then turn it off until you enter an area with network coverage.

Limit Your 3G/4G Data Speed

If you only need your data plan for sending/receiving text messages with BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, Talk or any other messenger you can downgrade your speed momentarily with a feature found in most phones called 'Use Only 2G Data' or '2G Mode'. This function disables the 3G/4G/LTE connection and acticvates 2G/EDGE protocol. You will save much battery in this mode.
If you will not use the internet at all, then it's better to turn your mobile data off.

Music, Videos and Games

Listening music, watching videos, and playing games, are very demanding tasks for your battery, mostly because all of them require the screen to be always illuminated. Games and videos also need the graphics proccessor to work, and this will drain your battery quickly.

Location Services And Online Sync

Turn this items off while you don't need them. GPS, Bluethoot, Push Mail, Accounts Sync.
You can also uninstall all the software you don't use in your device, many apps keep in memory, synchronize data in the background, and it's a real waste of battery power.

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