Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Perfectly Clear for Android & iOS: Enhance Your Photos With 1 Click

Perfectly Clear App Overview

Cameras found on phones typically lack the quality and sophistication that dedicated cameras have and often leave you with dull looking photos. Perfectly Clear automatically tries to correct these images.
The app allows you to load an image from your gallery or your camera, and use some parameters to improve it. Perfectly Clear will enhance your photo automatically and after a few seconds, it will give you some options to tweak it. When you’re done, you can choose to either share your enhanced image, or just save it.

The app shows a preview with a vertical line which you can swipe  left or right to change between the original and edited image, this way you can see the results and compare.

At the bottom there's an icons row which includes some quick fixes like: Fix!, Fix Dark, Fix Tint, Beautify and a shortcut to Tweaks. This last shortcut lets you adjust the exposure, depth, vibrancy, sharpness, tint, skin tone, skin smooth, eye enhance, eye enlarge and mouth enhance.
The iOS version has also a function called De-Purple and its because the iPhone 5’s camera lens has a tendency to create a nasty purple flare when a bright light is located just outside the frame, and this option in Perfectly Clear can fix it.
These adjustments are done by moving sliders that appear when tapping the icons.

You can zoom the image by pinch-to-zoom, a common feature on almost every imagery mobile apps. This is very useful, especially when using the sharpness function, so we know if it is already sharp enough without pixelating our image.
At the top of the screen there are four icons, at the left is the home icon which takes you to the app starting page, at the right there are three icons: save and share, help and settings.
In settings you can change the output size of your enhanced image and the location for the saved files. There are also options for logging in to your Facebook or Twitter account to authorize image uploads.

Perfectly Clear for Android is available in the Google Play Store for only $1.39 USD, and in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad for $2.99 USD.
It's a very affordable app, and a perfect companion for other photo editors like Aviary or After Focus Pro.

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