Friday, May 24, 2013

HTC One will have Google Edition this summer

HTC One Google Edition

HTC plans to launch a stock Android 4.2.2 edition of its flagship smartphone, the HTC One, for release in the US. Early this week a similar announcement was made by Samsung that it would launch a Google version of their Galaxy S4

The HTC One is a great, fast and innovative smartphone, it has the best speaker system found on a smartphone and an excellent camera, and it has sold 5 million units in the first month according to HTC.

So why to develop a 'senseless' stock android version?... There are million people who prefer the light and well known interface of stock Android, and don't like all that refinements HTC puts on their devices (I'm one of them), although it means to miss the Beats Audio experience.
Another advantage would be the Android updates directly from Google and all their latest apps right at your hand with this phone.

This rumor was published first by and confirmed by CNET today. It's unclear if the HTC One Google Edition will be sold at Play Store, or if some carriers in the US will subsidize it. It worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition is sold with an unique price of $650 USD, and in selected carriers only.

The Android modding community will be happy with this phone as it's less difficult to tweak and mod, HTC already have a bootloader unlock mechanism for those who like to install modded Roms to their phones, i'm sure this one will not be the exception.

Source:  |  CNET

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