Tuesday, May 21, 2013

XBOX ONE Unveiled by Microsoft This Morning

The New Xbox One

As an "Ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system" was described the new XBOX ONE by Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business. This game console will be on sale later this year.

Microsoft took 7 years to create a new game console and this is a big step up in the game consoles field, because the XBOX ONE is no more a box for playing games or watching movies on Dvd/BluRay. Instead it's a home entertainment center, with an advanced voice recognition system (so you can forget about your remote control), support for watching live TV, Movies, Music, Internet Browsing, you can also use Skype for video-calls while you watch a movie or play a game.

The XBOX ONE brings a new 'Intelligent' Home Screen which identifies users and log them into their favorite applications. The base of the operating system is a Windows kernel connected with the XBOX OS, and the hardware consists of an eight-core AMD CPU, 8GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive Capacity, USB 3 Ports, HDMI Interface, Blu-Ray Drive.

The console is a large black box, it looks more like a rackmount server, than a gaming console. In the Front is only the BluRay Insertion Slot and the power button. In the rear you can find the ports: HDMI i/o, SPDI/F Digital Audio Out, Analog Outs, USB Ports and Ethernet. 

An enhanced Kinect Controller for capturing your movement and gestures was also unveiled by Microsoft. It has 60% wider angle than the original, and its 1080p and 60fps capable. This optical sensor is more integrated than the old one, as it recognizes the user that is interacting with, and you can say phrases like "Watch TV", "What's On HBO", "Power On", etc., and the console will respond according to your commands.

The XBOX ONE Controller is very similar to the old XBOX 360 one. The trigger buttons now provide a feedback according to the game you play (Racing, Shooter, Jumping, Flying, Sports, etc.), in each case the response is different.
Start and Back buttons disappeared, now you can find two buttons that will surely be interacting with the user interface for switching apps or displaying menus. It has a WiFi Direct interface for connecting to the main unit and the Kinect Unit. The battery compartment is now integrated in the controller.
In conclusion this is going to be a new standard in gaming technologies, Microsoft is lately doing things in the best way.

Info Source: CNET Live Blog

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