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Cloud Storage Service: Keep Your Files Safe. Top 10 Providers

What Is Cloud Storage Service?

Cloud Storage is a service that gives you online storage space for saving your data. This service is a secure and reliable way to backup your important data, send large files to your partners or friends, make a backup of your personal files such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc., and synchronize your digital work between office and home. 

Your data is stored at virtualized pools of storage which are hosted in mainframes by Cloud Storage Providers, and to get that online storage space for your files, you must buy or lease storage capacity from them.
Some Cloud Storage Providers gives you several GB of capacity and others have unlimited storage.

It's difficult to know when your hard disk is going to failure, or a natural (or human) disaster will happen and fry your computer. Computer viruses, accidental erasures and sabotage are also causes for important data loss. So making a backup of your files in the Cloud Storage Provider host is a great way to keep them safe.

OK, but, what to expect from a Cloud Storage Provider?, here is a short guide to find the service that meet all your needs:

Storage Capacity

To choose the proper Cloud Storage Provider you must first research their storage plans. And keep in mind that the best online storage services are those that provide unlimited capacity for a unique monthly fee. If you don't need unlimited online storage space then you should look for a provider that gives you the lowest cost per Gigabyte.


File encryption, password protected sharing and file/folder permissions are the minimal security features  you must look for in a Cloud Storage Provider.

File Management and Interface

A good Cloud Storage Service will let you upload any file type with any size. And should also let you access your files from anywhere with a computer in a web browser or a desktop application integrated with your operating system file explorer, or even with your mobile device, tablet or PDA.
Automatic file sync is another feature you may look for, this is for having always the most recent version of your files synchronized both in the cloud and in your computer.


Help and support when needed. It's very important that your Cloud Storage Provider offers direct customer support, a troubleshooting knowledge base, e-mail assistance, live chat, etc.

Top 10 Cloud Storage Service Providers


Storage space: Unlimited
Price per month: $9,95
Security: High


Storage space: 30, 60, 100, 250 Gb
Price per month: $4,99, $9,99, $14,99, $24,99
Security: High


Storage space: 150, 1000 GB
Price per month: $24,99, $44,99
Security: High


Storage space: 5, 1000 GB
Price per month: $4,71, $14,99
Security: High


Storage space: 2, 100, 200, 500 GB
Price per month: Free, $9,99, $19,99, $49,99
Security: High


Storage space: 5, 100, 500, 1000, Unlimited
Price per month: Free, $5, $15, $25, $9,95
Security: High


Storage space: 50, 100 GB
Price per month: $5,99, $9,99
Security: Good

Online Storage Solution

Storage space: 10, Unlimited
Price per month: $2,49, $6
Security: Good


Storage space: Unlimited
Price per month: $8,25
Security: Good


Storage space: 1000 GB
Price per month: $45
Security: High

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