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Samsung Galaxy S4: The samartphone with higher expectations in 2013!

Samsung Galaxy S4


Deviating from all the speculation about the design of the highly anticipated phone from the South Korean giant, the Galaxy S4, turned out to be a bigger Galaxy S3 (Visualy), more powerful and with a much better screen. Though no doubt this will be one of the best phones of the year.


The S4 has an impressive 5" screen with a slim bezel at each side, and can play full HD videos at 1080p, with a density of 441 dpi, excelent for watching movies and tv shows.

The S4 is only 7.9 mm thick , much slimmer than S3. The plastic casing comes in two colors, White Frost and Black Mist. The home button is the same as S3, doesn't matter what you do in your phone, just press and it goes back to the start screen.
The only thing we miss is a new design, and not the same of the S3. Plastic casing still looks like a cheap toy. Some Samsung fans could be disappointed that the new model looks so similar to its predecessor.


Image: Samsung
For the first time, you'll see a phone running the new Eight-Core 1.6GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor, from Samsung. But, the bad news are that not every S4 will carry this monster inside, depending the region you are, you may find a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro running at 1.9GHz. An amount of 2GB of Ram will be enough for any multitasking job. and a 2,600mAh battery will bear the entire load.

The Galaxy S4 comes with 64GB of internal storage for files, music, videos, and apps, and an external microSD card may be added for up to 64GB of extra storage.

An infrared blaster for controlling devices, an optical reader for business cards, and a pedometer for counting your steps, are other features you'll find on this spectacular smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 rear camera has 13 megapixels and take videos at 1080p. This camera app is just beautiful, intuitive, and full of features. Comes with all shot modes you are common to find on modern cameras. One shot, Burst, timer, scenes, macro, HDR, panorama, etc.
You can add up to 9 seconds of audio to a photo, or make an animated gif in which only the character moves and the background stays fixed. Drama mode combines a burst of pictures into one animated shot.
And if there's an unwanted visitor in a pic, you can erase him/her from the picture, directly in your phone.
There's a "low" resolution 2 megapixels camera in the front of th phone, mainly for video chats. You can also make a dual shot that takes a photo from each camera and overlays them.

New features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, the most recent version of Android.
Your apps will be always right at your fingertips with a quick tray of shortcuts that swipes in from the left.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 translator can read emails in your favorite language.

You can now control the S4 without even touching the screen. Your hand doesn't need to be that close to the phone for it to recognise your gesture.
Move your hand over the phone to Air Browse, skip to the next photo, or to another song, or switch tabs in the browser, or scroll up and down with a move of your hand.

Air Call is a system that lets you answer the phone without even touch it. It's very useful when you're driving, just wave your hand and the Galaxy S4 turns on the speakerphone so you can concentrate on the road.
To quick look a message, or see what's going on in another browser tab, you can hover your finger over the message title, or browser tab, and you'll have a pop-up preview. You can also magnify the webpage or photo you're looking at, by just hovering your finger.

Eye control

The Galaxy S4 is so smart that it knows when your eyes are aiming the screen, when you're watching a video, it pauses it when your eyes drift away from the screen.

Do these simple features suggest that we're close to have some eye-controlled games?. Time will tell...


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a 4G capable phone. There are different types of 4G, so the full 4G specs aren't confirmed yet.


13MP Camera.
Same plastic casing than S3.
1080p (441dpi) Resolution.
Visualy similar to its predecessor 
Thin and Light.
Air browse and Eye control.
4G data.
8 Core CPU (some models)

The S4 main rivals this year will surely be HTC One, Nokia Lumia 925/928, LG Optimus G2, and iPhone 5.
Launch date in the U.S. is April 24, 2013, and will be available in 7 carriers.
Pricing range from $149.99 to $249.99, with contract or financing.

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